I run both individual and group sessions.

Individual sessions in your own home:

First, let’s have a chat.

Just call, or send me a message and I’ll call you at a time when you can talk. There is no charge for this.

Tell me about your child, what they love, what you love about them, what they find hard, what worries you, what you’ve tried so far….

I will tell you whether I think I can help.

If we decide on a trial session, I will come to your home and begin to get to know your child and the way you work as a family. We will explore some initial ideas. I will bring some toys and activities so I can see how your child responds. I will understand if s/he needs time and space before feeling ready to engage.

If you decide that you would like further support, I will develop a unique and flexible programme tailored to your child’s individual strengths and needs. The sessions are structured and play-based, with an emphasis on attention, communication, sensory and play development. We will also develop strategies to work on behaviour that is concerning you. At times the sessions will be adult-led, at times child-led. You will be with us and there will be opportunities for you to try out new approaches too. The aim is always to make joyful, meaningful connections that will enable your child to develop skills and blossom.

Small structured Parent and Child group sessions, for up to 6 children:

  • on your own premises. This could be your home, if there is space, or a local venue.
  • for children with social and communication difficulties, including autism. Some children may not yet have a diagnosis.
  • the sessions run for 1 hour, with time to chat about your specific concerns afterwards while the children play.
  • all resources are provided, including take-home play sheets for parents

Please contact me to discuss details.

“I really feel that you, like us, are able to see the best in [our son] and helped encourage his fun-loving side” – Parent of J

“Sue’s knowledge about autism and how it impacts on people’s lives (not just the person but the family and friends too) is priceless” – Michael, Teacher