Mentoring and training for practitioners who support young children or older children working at early developmental stages, with social and communication difficulties including autism.

“Play is not the obverse of work; it is the work of children, who must discover the world through activity on it with others” – Rita Jordan and Sarah Libby, University of Birmingham

Workshops including:

  • “What is autism?” – a whistlestop tour covering the essentials for staff working with autistic children. Exploring how the diagnostic criteria inform and influence us. Staff will develop their understanding of autism, will consider how autism is expressed in their pupils and will begin to reflect on their own practice. Plenty of examples of how I learned the hard way!
  • “Playfulness and autism”  – understanding how sensory, social and communication differences in autism affect play development. Ideas and strategies to engage autistic children and to develop their play skills in a positive and relevant way. Glitter galore!
  • “Behaviour – tackling the tricky bits” – developing awareness of how autistic characteristics can lead to behaviour that concerns us. Training in strategies that usually help and guidance for thinking it through for individual children, with an emphasis on respect for each child’s uniqueness.

All workshops last for 1 hour, with time for questions. Cost: £100 plus travel

“[Sue] is incredibly patient and calm which is invaluable when working with children. As a professional I have learnt a lot from Sue which I have used myself as a Primary School Teacher and continue to do so. I cannot recommend her enough” – Bethany, Teacher

“Sue is an amazing lady with a fantastic knowledge of autism. It was a great learning experience working with her and all her great ideas” – Sherrie, Teaching Assistant