I am a highly experienced Special Needs Teacher and Early Years Professional.  I offer specialist support, advice and teaching for young autistic children, their families and educational settings.

Individual sessions with children and parents in your own home. Finding the sparkle, tackling the tricky bits and super-boosting your parenting powers.

Small group sessions for preschoolers and parents. Focusing on attention, communication and play development through clear structure, engaging activities and a dash of pizzazz!

Workshops and mentoring for professionals working with children at early developmental stages. Training in the strategies that work and support in finding positive ways forward for individual pupils.

“We couldn’t have found a more perfect teacher for [our daughter] than you. We both feel that your sensitivity and kindness and warmth are something so transparent on your face and felt immediately that she would feel so happy with you. Thank you for all you have done for her. We are truly grateful.” – Parent of A

“It’s not often that autistic adults find individuals such as yourself who focus on meeting us halfway and adapting to suit us rather than trying to force us to hide or repress our traits.” – Ashlea McKay, autistic advocate and author