Your child

A diagnosis of autism is the beginning of a journey – for your child, for you and for your family. It’s probably not a journey you expected to take. It’s a journey you may not want to take. Yet here we are and – truly – there is much to celebrate.

Having worked with autistic children for many years, I know that each child is wonderfully unique and brings huge potential, despite the undoubted challenges of perceiving and making sense of the world in a different way.

You know your child better than anyone. As a specialist teacher who has worked with toddlers to teenagers across the spectrum, I know autism. Together we can work out how to help your gorgeous, sometimes exhausting and often surprising child to share joyful experiences, to learn to cope when things go wrong, and to develop skills that will enable them to navigate the tricky business of life with increased confidence.

“You have been the most loving and caring teacher… As a parent, I’ve always felt heard and there was not a single time you missed a message or did not respond to a need for support. You are an inspiration!” – Parent of I

“You have truly exceeded all expectations and we could not be more pleased that [our son] has had the benefit of your expert experience” – Parent of J